Technical lingo

Came to the realization that many artisans of their craft use phrases such as “It needs more love” or “Let’s put this in there because it really pops when photographed” or “Add a twist of this to give it some mouth feel.”

This is shorthand for people they work with to know “Go back over the level and add some fine detail” or “Use this red tea towel next to the food” or “Add some lime juice.”

Unfortunately a lot of people pick up on these phrases and then just throw them around to mask the fact that they don’t actually know what they are talking about or what they want.

So we become skeptical and wary and then have to listen to the project manager explain that “We need to give that dinosaur more love and see if we cannot jankify it up at the same time” and still be able to look him in the eye in the hallway as we go to lunch.

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