The simple things in life

Simple things require little time to manage.

Simplified processes are easy to execute.

Simple reporting structures are easy to manage.

Simple communications methods make it easy to engage with. Simple requirements make it easy to share them, develop them and test them.

Desiring simplicity in a project isn’t a failure on your part.

Making your project management process simple enough that you can explain it to a non-project manager, e.g. your boss, is highly commendable because it means you understand it and other more importantly, other people can understand it too.

Complex hierarchies, complex reporting structures, complex project tracking processes, complex derived metrics make it difficult to hand off management to others.

Complexity in a project management process makes it difficult for you to step back and not drive.

But above all it makes it difficult for your best autonomous actors to fully commit if they don’t know what the next set of dance steps are going to be because nothing is simple.

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